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  • Are We Ready For Designer Babies?

    The debate on how to regulate CRISPR heats up When Chinese researchers reported using a technique called CRISPR/Cas9 to edit the...

    Anti Aging & The FutureORGANIC VIRALSFebruary 7, 2018
  • This Scientist Wants to Steal – And Implant – Memories

    MIT’s Steve Ramirez aims to wipe out bad memories and has even implanted false memories in mice. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Steve...

    Anti Aging & The FutureORGANIC VIRALSFebruary 7, 2018
  • Would You Want To Be Buried In A Smart Coffin?

    Hi-tech casket boasts a built-in screen for photos and social feeds, plus speakers and flashing lights ‘Coffin of the Future’ is...

    Science & TechORGANIC VIRALSFebruary 7, 2018
  • Computers That You Eat (or That Eat You?)

    Ray Kurzweil’s dream of internal nanobots floating around our bloodstream making us immortal by eradicating diseases and slowing down the aging process may...

    Science & TechORGANIC VIRALSFebruary 2, 2018