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  • The Truth About Anti-Aging Diets and Cleanses

    Gun to your head: Meat-every-day paleo or vegan for life? Both diets have their proselytizers, according to David Katz, the director...

    Health & FitnessORGANIC VIRALSApril 1, 2016
  • Finding The Ultimate Life Balance: Kale And Coffee

    Author Kevin Gianni ironically went from scarfing Twinkies and Mountain Dew to running, a popular website that promoted a diet...

    Health & FitnessORGANIC VIRALSMarch 24, 2016
  • DIY Coconut Oil Uses For Beauty

    There are many DIY (Do It Yourself) uses for coconut oil to enhance beauty, heal blemishes and produce a radiant look....

    Health & FitnessORGANIC VIRALSNovember 20, 2015