18 Posts That Prove Coconut Oil Is The Answer To All Your Problems

1. Coconut oil is one of the most powerful of oils to ever have existed.

2. When you need it, it’s there. There is no problem in the world that coconut oil cannot fix.

3. Praying for an artist’s album? Anoint that prayer in coconut oil.

4. Bad attitude? Apply some coconut oil and leave to cool.

5. Trust me, your life will change. You will shine.

6. Why not use it to dismantle the patriarchy?

7. Use it to tend to your weary bones after fighting oppression.

8. Use it as the most accurate thermometer you’ll ever have.

9. Never doubt its power.

The answer to this is yes. Yes it can.

10. Never doubt its abilities.

11. Never doubt its influence.

12. If there’s one key to success you need, it’s the presence of coconut oil shining through every part of your life.

13. Bad grades? Get some coconut oil.

14. For added intelligence, pour it over your exams.

15. For added luck, pour it over next year.

16. Fuck it, pour it over everything.

17. It’s the answer to all of life’s most prominent struggles.

18. Make someone’s day today. Buy them a tub of earth’s sweetest elixir.

You’re welcome.