5 Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is so crucial in our everyday lives as it helps us restore and heal after longs days of intense or moderate work. However, sleep becomes troubling to many as they find themselves fighting insomnia every night. Insufficient sleep has become a major predicament and huge amounts of money have been inverted to finding a potential medical solution.

Often times, many have tried various methods or remedies such as relaxation techniques, abdominal breathing, better mattresses, and stress management to find comfort in the moment without realizing that the problem will persist.

Because sleep is so essential, it is necessary that we pay attention to our health so that the constant sleepless nights don’t take a toll on our vitality, productivity, and state of mind. After all, studies have demonstrated that spending quality time in nature helps reduce stress levels and anxiety. In fact, NASA performed a study which demonstrated that plants have a calming and purifying effect on the environment.

Therefore, one way we can ensure of having a better sleeping experience is to store various plants and alluring flowers in our homes. Why not bring nature indoors and enjoy the many benefits it provides us with?!

Various benefits that occur when you bring plants into your home:

    • Removes airborne contaminants
    • Prevents headaches
    • Improves mood
    • Improves mental health
    • Prevents allergies
    • Clears congestion
    • Are natural humidifiers
    • Offers treatment
    • Improves sleep

Top 5 Plants That We Believe Help Promote Better Sleep:

1) Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is noted as one of NASA’s air-replenishing plants. This very plant works similarly like the snake plant in which it releases oxygen at night in order to provide one with better sleep.  Because of this, Aloe Vera is an excellent indoor plant.

The fact that Aloe Vera is easy to maintain and grows easily, is convenient as it is very tolerable and doesn’t need constant watering. It does however, need a lot of direct sunlight.

Maximum benefits come while keeping this plant conveniently at your home. You can even use the gel from the plant for medicinal purposes. The gel helps to alleviate minor cuts, burns, dry skin and even more. This plant is a must have!

2) Lavender Plant


Lavender plant is a well-known plant in the category of inducing sleep and decreasing anxiety. Research shows that lavender in all of its forms have even shown to reduce levels of stress, slow down one’s heart rate, and lower one’s blood pressure.

One study even proved that the scent of lavender reduced crying in babies allowing them to engage in a deeper sleep. This further helps reduce the nervous tension within both the child and the mother.

3) Jasmine Plant


Jasmine is an exotic plant that has a very calming effect on both the body and the mind. In a study, it demonstrated to lessen anxiety levels which influence a greater quality of sleep.

The research also reveals that such excellent sleep can accompany one with alertness and greater productivity during the day time.

“Raudenbush and WJU psychology students investigated whether the administration of an odorant during sleep would affect sleep patterns during the night, wakefulness and cognitive functioning the following morning, as well as alertness throughout the day.”

4) English Ivy


Named the number one best air-purifying plant (According to NASA), English Ivy, is simple and convenient to grow as it only requires moderate exposure to the sun.

Pollutants in the mid-air are major causes to worsen allergies, asthma and any other breathing complication and by keeping this plant in your home, you can definitely improve the quality of your sleep.

Evidently, studies have proved that this particular plant reduces airborne mold by even up to 94%! That is exciting!

Even though this beautiful plant offers a variety of benefits, it is crucial that we keep our loved ones safe as English Ivy is toxic. So please, keep out of reach!

5) Snake Plant


Snake plants are a very popular plant choice as they are easy to maintain and serve for great purposes such as interior design. They are known to improve the air quality by purifying oxygen and overall helping ones environment at home.

Studies have shown that keeping a snake plant in ones room can help avoid eye irritation, headaches, and in some cases may help improve productivity levels.