Are Essential Oils The New Antibiotics?

Our generation could possibly see a pandemic on the biblical scale.  The majority of people will turn a blind eye to the thought because it is too frightening to think about.

What we have a chance to see in our lifetime has the ability to send our health care reeling back to the middle ages, where small infections led to life-threatening ordeals due to the lack of treatments.

The main reason infections might become so deadly again is the idea that antibiotics may be rendered useless in the future.  Our overuse of them, on ourselves and the massive meat industries, is inching us closer to the edge.

How does the overuse of antibiotics affect you?  The majority of use were raised believing that the answer to illnesses and infections are antibiotics.  Anytime we would feel sick our answer was to take antibiotics and move on with our day.

But the sad truth is that using antibiotics for our minor infections will lead to serious consequences.  Our own immune systems are attacked by antibiotics -as they do not care which bacteria they eliminate- leading to a weaker immune system.

The ‘good’ bacteria in your gut helps your body’s ability to remove toxic metals and improve your immune system.  Antibiotics destroy this ‘good’ bacteria, leading to poor health and a low immune system.

You should only use antibiotics when it is deemed a necessity by your doctor.

Our own choices in the use of antibiotics are not the only issue at hand, however.  The massive food industry has done its part in complicating the problem.

70% of all antibiotic use within the US belongs to the beef industry alone.  This seems to be an extremely large percent.

When you add the growth hormones that are poured into these creatures and the pesticide-ridden food that they are fed, it makes these companies a major concern to the healthcare system.

The companies PR departments argue that these practices are done for our sake, but the truth is that they do it to maximize profits at the expense of our health.  Doesn’t seem like the type of companies we should buy from.

Some things that you can do to free yourself from the endless cycle of greed is to purchase certified natural and organic meat products.  You can even find natural alternatives to antibiotics.

One such alternative is essential oils.  They have more uses than just massage oils and scents.  They can be utilized as the key ingredient in natural cleaners, alternatives to toxic cosmetics, and also as natural pest controls.

A study in 2011 discovered that a combination of essential oils of oregano, chili peppers, and cinnamon was able to make the majority of poultry resistant to infection.  This is much healthier than their regular toxic batch.

If you do not own any essential oils you may want to make a trip to buy some and place it in your home’s first aid kit.

It is sad that we live in a world where the greed of few dictates the lives of many, but it’s the truth.  If we wish to change this fact we must take the future into our hands and out of theirs.  We have the obligation to protect our future generations from corruption.