Plant-Based Babes! Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne and More Celebrities Who Are Vegan

Plant-Based Babes! Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne and More Celebrities Who Are Vegan Plant-based power! Fans are always looking to Hollywood celebrities for diet and lifestyle tips, and it seems like some of the biggest stars swear by their vegan diets. Whether it’s for weight loss or ethical reasons, most A-listers credit their healthy lifestyles […]

28 Black Celebrities And Public Figures Who Are Actually Vegan

Veganism is growing and has no plans of slowing down. Did you guys know that African Americans are the fastest-growing vegan demographic? And even though people jokingly say there are no black vegans, a 2016 Pew Research Center survey found that 8% of African American adults identified as vegan. Say whaaaaa? This number has been increasing […]

Pass The Avocado On Toast: A Quarter Of Young Millennials Say Covid-19 Has Made A Vegan Diet More Appealing

The prospect of a diet packed with chickpeas, lentils, and quinoa appears to be more tempting as of late, as new research from Mintel reveals that a quarter (25%) of young British Millennials (aged 21-30) say that the COVID-19 pandemic has made a vegan diet more appealing. This is also the trend in Canada too! These […]

Tofu Sales Skyrocket Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Tofu brands are increasing production to keep up with demand as Americans look to the soy-based protein as an alternative to animal products. Sales of tofu in the United States (as it also has in Canada) increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic according to data by market research firm Neilsen. During the four-week period ending […]

6 Science-Based Health Benefits of Eating Vegan

Vegan diets are known to help people lose weight. However, they also offer an array of additional health benefits. For starters, a vegan diet may help you maintain a healthy heart. What’s more, this diet may offer some protection against type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Here are 6 science-based benefits of vegan diets. 1. […]

Are we courting another pandemic?

As we do our part by wearing masks and physically distancing, experts and government agencies are trying to contain and control COVID-19, while the cost is spiralling out of control. But it seems we need to be reminded that, most regrettably, we brought this upon ourselves. Earlier this year, we wrote about the correlation between animal exploitation […]

Slaugtherhouses and COVID-19

Conditions for those working in abattoirs are horrendous. It was inconceivable to think this situation could become worse, however, that’s indeed what has happened with COVID-19, and the scientific community is in consensus that what was an appalling situation is now so much worse. Slaughterhouse workers are being exploited at unprecedented levels due to this […]

Fostering Kittens Will Fill That Gaping Hole In Your Heart

Professional kitten rescuer Hannah Shaw’s Instagram account is cuteness overload—but she’s hoping all those feline photos will convince you to rescue a kitten of your own. If you like cats and the internet, you’re probably familiar with vegan professional kitten rescuer Kitten Lady, also known as Hannah Shaw. Through her popular Instagram page, YouTube channel, and nonprofit rescue […]

10 Vegan Activities To Stay Happy And Healthy

It’s time to tackle homemade vegan croissants and revive that meditation practice. One of the greater perks of being vegan is that when the world gives us really sour lemons, we know how to make darn good lemonade. There are certain things we can’t control, but we still have the individual power to make the […]

10 Tips For Vegans To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Saving money isn’t about sacrifice or sales; get all you need without forking over your paycheck with these simple hacks. Eating vegan is one of the most budget-friendly lifestyles out there, but like all diets, it can be expensive if you make it so. There’s the high-end natural food grocery stores, specialty nut butters, single […]

Top 10 Vegan Picks For Netflix Binge-watching During Quarantine

 From romantic comedies to reality shows, here are the must-watch shows your fellow veg-heads are currently obsessed with. As just about everyone around the world stays home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, our eyes have turned to our television and computer screens for entertainment and distraction. These days, there have never been more […]

Bunnies Are Probably The Most Amazing Animals Ever. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Eat Or Exploit Them.

The world’s most exploited animal are playful and inquisitive, and we should celebrate them this Easter (and always). The world is filled with adorable and adoptable bunnies who are looking to give you love year-round. Unfortunately, around the Easter holiday, bunny rescues and shelters see an increase in surrendered bunnies who were adopted for some […]

China Now Classifies Dogs As “companions,” Not “livestock”

“Recognizing that dogs hold a special bond with humans is an essential first step towards eliminating the consumption and trade in dog meat,” Humane Society International China Policy Specialist Peter Li, PhD says. This week, China’s Ministry of Agriculture announced it is removing dogs from the “livestock” category and will instead consider them companion animals moving forward. […]

New Study Finds Goats Respond To Human Cues The Same Way Dogs Do

Researchers hope the study will lead to a better understanding of farmed animals’ cognitive abilities and their capacity to interact with humans. Goats can interpret human cues in the same way domesticated companions such as dogs do, according to a new study in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. The study—which was supported by grant money from Farm Sanctuary’s The […]

10 Vegan Products To Help You De-stress Immediately

Achieve a moment of calm with these stress-reducing, cruelty-free goods. The world can be an overwhelming place, especially with the current political, social, and environmental climate. While staying informed and active is essential, it’s also important to take a step back and recuperate so you can continue showing up for yourself and others without burning […]

10 Essential Vegan Products To Help You Get The Best Night’s Sleep Of Your Life

Tossing and turning is so last year! From weighted blankets to bath bombs, these soothing items will help you fall and stay asleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is as important as ever—and harder than ever too, due to the unrelentingly plugged-in nature of our society. Adequate deep sleep helps ease stress, anxiety, aging effects, […]

How to have the best vegan staycation (when you’re forced to stay at home)

From browsing virtual museums to cooking indulgent vegan dinners, make the most of your time at home by focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing, staycation style. Dozing off on a plane and waking up in France or Spain is a treat when we can make it happen, but sometimes there are circumstances when vacation […]

Vegan clothing company turns t-shirts into face masks to help animal sanctuaries

Portland’s Herbivore Clothing Company raises more than $2,000 for local sanctuaries by turning its misprinted shirts into protective masks. Vegan brand The Herbivore Clothing Company recently raised more than $2,000 for animal rescue organizations through a creative initiative. While the company is on hiatus from its physical store, Herbivore wanted to help animal sanctuaries in some way […]

New Tool Helps Consumers Find Vegan Black-owned Businesses Nationwide

The Nile List helps shoppers support vegan beauty brands, fashion labels, and food companies through an easily searchable online platform. Online directory The Nile List recently launched to help connect consumers to Black-owned businesses. Founder Khadijah Robinson created the online community with millennial consumers in mind—with features that filter results based on interests, including “vegan,” “natural,” and […]

900 Companies Now Support A Federal Ban On Cosmetic Animal Testing

LUSH, Dr. Bronner’s, H&M, and many more are supporting the Humane Cosmetics Act, a bipartisan legislation that seeks to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals nationwide. This week, 300 independent companies have joined the 600 members of the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) to officially endorse the Humane Cosmetics Act. The legislation was introduced by bipartisan politicians, including vegan Senator Cory […]