Netherlands Testing Sustainable Plastic Roads that ‘Snap Together’ Like Legos

As usual Netherlands is ‘paving the way’ for a sustainable future, but this time, literally, with plans to start testing a new type of roads that are pre-made from recycled plastic. Plastic recycles or waste found in the ocean will be transformed into plastic tiles created by KWS Infra.  This new innovation is called “PlasticRoad” […]

Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely Has Been Suppressed Since 1974

Remember the hassles Rick Simpson went through in his Canadian Nova Scotia town trying to bring the cannabis oil cures he and others used to cure themselves of various cancers? Rick assumed the world was ready for him to share the good news from his and his townspeople’s experiences. After several attempts to get cannabis […]

The Science Of Lucid Dreaming – The Key To Unlocking The Brain’s Biggest Mysteries

Sleeping and dreaming are big parts of our lives. How big? We spend about six years of our lives dreaming. Many times, when people dream they are unaware that they are actually in a dream. I once had a dream that I was part of a black and white horror picture world. Everything was stormy […]

Some People Talk To Their Plants. These Plants Talk To Each Other

Like it or not, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital messaging services have become an intimate part of many of our lives. In fact, we collectively send 10 billion messages per day over Facebook!  If we suppose that the average message is five words long (disclaimer: I have no idea if that’s true, but it feels about right) and a novel is 50,000 […]

See The Innovative Earth-Saving Ideas Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foundation Is Bringing To Life

When he’s not fighting off bears or trying to win an Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio is busy saving the environment. The man is passionate about the planet. And why shouldn’t he be? It is THE ONLY PLACE CAPABLE OF SUSTAINING HUMAN LIFE. Sorry, his enthusiasm is contagious. On Tuesday, DiCaprio received the Crystal Award from the […]

Breakthrough In Glass Technology Could Pave The Way For ‘Smart Windows’

Your next window may be made of see-through components that conduct electricity. This development comes thanks to a new technique that adds metal to glass to make it transparent. NEW GLASS TECHNOLOGY It seems that windows are turning into high-tech screens. Indeed, in the not too far off future, all of the windows in our homes could […]

Eco Homes From The Earth: Cordwood

Imagine owning your own green dream home, made out of natural and recycled materials and hosting an array of custom features.  Building an eco-friendly natural home is easier than you can imagine.  Materials like cordwood, cob, dirt, straw and wood from you own land can aid you in this.  These building techniques produce a natural, […]

The Future of Wind Turbines? No Blades

It’s no longer suprising to encounter 100-foot pinwheels spinning in the breeze as you drive down the highway. But don’t get too comfortable with that view. A Spanish company called Vortex Bladeless is proposing a radical new way to generate wind energy that will once again upend what you see outside your car window. Their […]

Solar Energy That Doesn’t Block The View

A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a new type of solar panel that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window. It is called a transparent luminescent solar concentrator and can be used for buildings, cell phones and any other device that has a […]

Dutch Company Powers Streetlights And Phones With Living Plants

In November, more than 300 LED lights were illuminated by a Dutch company that makes electricity from harnessing the power of living plants. This was the first commercial installation for Plant-e, a company that also sells mobile chargers, and rooftop electricity modules fueled by the byproduct of photosynthesis in plants. Plant-e’s co-founder and CEO, Marjolein […]

This Bike Path Paved With Solar Panels Can Power One Home For a Year

A bike path made of solar cells has shocked it’s creators with just how much electricity it’s generating. In its first six months, the 230-foot bike path in a village outside Amsterdam, Netherlands, has cranked out 3,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity — enough to power a single-person household for a year. “We did not expect a […]

This Sustainable, Solar Powered Dome Can Let You Live Almost Anywhere On Earth

A new house, designed in geodesic style by No Rules Just Architectureis a simple to build structure that harvests rain water and solar power, helping propel the inhabitants to a sustainable lifestyle. “Geodesic” means that it is built with a number of triangular elements which distribute structural stress evenly; these buildings are known for being […]

This Gorgeous Power Plant Will Use Ocean Tides To Power 155K Homes

Have you heard of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon?  This power generator will use the rise and fall of ocean tides to provide renewable electricity to power 155,000 homes, and it will last for 120 years! This power plant will supply a solution to man’s energy needs as we step further and further towards renewable […]

An Algae Farm Designed To Suck Up Highway Pollution

A highway overpass might seem like an unlikely place to grow algae, but actually it’s ideal: Car exhaust turns out to be the perfect fertilizer for multiplying the green stuff. “In a prototype built above a busy Geneva highway this year, architects tested a system for growing algae in tubes… (which) can be used (eventually) […]

How Ocean Current Could Power Half The Homes In Florida

Todd Janca’s father ran the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory in Mona, Jamaica, and Todd learned that at great depths submarine have to fight strong ocean currents. “Along the way, it just dawned on me that no one is using all the energy that is down there,” he says. “You can collect the energy from [an […]

Giant Fans Will Soon Suck CO2 Out Of The Atmosphere And Turn It Into Fuel

  While some may associate CO2 pollution mainly with industrial plants and giant chimneys releasing the gas into the atmosphere, the reality is that emissions from the transport sector represent about 24 percent of global CO2 emissions and have the highest emissions growth of all. They are also harder to limit and capture. While there are existing […]

This New Technology Converts Sea Water Into Drinking Water In Minutes

Water is an essential to any human being on this planet, while having clean water is unfortunately not something we all have access to. But a new invention developed by a team of researchers at Alexandria University in Egypt could change that. The technology uses a desalination technique called pervaporation. Salt is removed from sea water using specifically designed […]

Nigerian Man Turns A VW Beetle Into A Solar And Wind Powered Car

This is one of the coolest ideas and to top it off it’s completely reasonable too!  Segun Oyeyiola was a student at Obagemi Awolowo University and while he was in attendance there, he converted his gas thirsty Volkswagen into a completely green energy machine by installing a large solar panel on the top of the […]

Scientists Create Crystal That Would Allow You To Breathe Underwater

Bulky oxygen tanks and face masks may no longer be needed to breathe underwater, thanks to the creation of the “Aquaman Crystal.” Professor Christine McKenzie of the University of Southern Denmark said that because the crystalline material is able to store oxygen at super high concentrations, it could be valuable for lung cancer patients who […]

Scientists Are Mining Rare Minerals From Plants

Your future smartphone could get a boost from plants. Reuters reports that scientists from the Freiburg University of Mining and Technology in Germany have found a new way of extracting the semiconductor material, germanium, from the earth. The element was first discovered in Germany (hence the name), and it’s been a popular part of transistors […]