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Our Purpose

At our purpose is to bring viral attention to meaningful stories and information.

As time moves on, people are starting to recognize that voting once every 4 years by checking a box one way or the other is not bringing about the change we all desire.

We want to see meaningful progress while working towards a better life for all of us. As technological innovation continues to grow at an exponential pace, it seems like social improvements are happening on a much slower timeline.

People are coming online at a faster rate than ever before and joining the global conversation. As this happens we’re able to crowdsource ideas to come up with better solutions to the challenges faced by everyone.

We believe that education is extremely important and provides you with personal empowerment. The more you know the better you’re able to make more informed decisions for yourself, your family, and those you care about.

We ask that you keep an open mind to all of the topics of discussion here. Not everyone’s going to agree on everything and that’s ok. Throughout the course of human history the vast majority of what we’ve believed to be true has turned out to be false upon further investigation. Our understandings continue to evolve and along the way we must continue to challenge our previously held beliefs.

We would love to connect with you on our pages at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so you can share any topics that are of particular interest to you. When you share these stories on social media with your friends and family you cast a vote for the world you want to live in. You can create real positive change in your life and with the people you care about most.

If you’d like to share something with our community that you feel passionate about then please Contact Us as we’d love to hear from you.

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