The Smart Rope by Tangram Design Lab

We’ve known for years that jumping rope has numerous health and wellbeing benefits. It’s great for the heart, burning calories, coordination, stability and, lastly, it puts less pressure on the joints compared to other high impact activities like running. And of course the piece of rope continues to be a key requirement of any self-respecting world class boxer.

In the age of wearables and digital fitness the humble jump rope has been upgraded thanks to South Korea based design company, Tangram Design Lab. The Smart Rope is a jump rope with a difference. It has 23 LEDs embedded in the rope which transmit jump data in front of the user’s eyes as they’re working out.

Smart Rope currently tracks jump count and calories burned with recommendations on interval training based on the user’s BMI and jump rope ability, though there are plans to add additional features as the product develops.

There is an additional ‘Smart Gym’ app that connects to the Smart Rope via Bluetooth that tracks jump data and makes custom workout recommendations.

All the technology including the sensors and Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter are housed in the Smart Rope handle. Much like other Bluetooth devices the Smart Rope is paired to a smartphone to communicate with the app.

Smart Rope is currently in prototype form and Tangram Design Lab is running a successful Kickstarter campaign that has smashed its $60,000 target. You can currently order one from the Kickstarter page for $60 which also states it’s retail price will likely be $70.