Entrepreneur Puts Prisons To Shame, Turns Ex-Cons Into Bee-Keepers – Keeping Them Out Of Jail

A Chicago woman has built a business out of not only helping the environment, but helping to create a bright and positive future for ex-cons. Chicago, IL – Brenda Palms-Barber has created a unique program that accomplishes two noble goals—helping troubled honeybee populations and helping ex-cons stay out of jail. Sweet Beginnings, located in Chicago’s […]

This Is What Can Happen When You Start Drinking Honey Water Every Day

When I was younger and would catch a cold every five minutes thanks to the good ol’ Canadian climate and my brazen rebellion against proper winter wear, my mother would whip out a spoon of lemon juice with a dab of honey on it to soothe my throat. It was not just my mother pulling […]

Himalayan Bees Make Psychedelic Honey

There is a honey found only in China, India, and Nepal that is highly medicinal and even possesses psychedelic properties. This honey can only be found in and around the forests below Himalayan peaks and is often called ‘mad honey’ because of its unusual properties. This honey is exclusively found in the hives of the […]