Harvard MRI Study Shows Meditation Grows Brain’s Grey Matter In 8 Weeks

Surprising to some and maybe not to others, a new study has shown that 8 weeks of mindful meditation has measurably positive changes to the brain. “Participating in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program appears to make measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress.” (Harvard) They study is the […]

If You’re Someone Who Drinks Alcohol Regularly, You Need To Read This

I wish I had learned the following information years ago, or had at least been more mindful of it. While I do believe it is common knowledge that alcohol is not particularly good for us, I don’t believe very many of us know just how bad it is. I myself was shocked to learn that […]

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla The human DNA is a biological internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, […]

Scientists Have Found That Memories May Be Passed Down Through Generations In Our DNA

New research from Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in DNA. During the tests they learned that that mice can pass on learned information about traumatic or stressful experiences – in this case a fear of […]

What Happens When People Meditate For The First Time?

There have been numerous studies detailing what happens to the brain in long-term meditators, but what exactly happens to people who meditate for the first time? Sara Lazar, a Harvard researcher, has gained quite some notoriety detailing how the brain actually grows grey matter when people meditate. Other studies have shown that meditation improves IQ, […]

10 Home Remedies for Natural Anxiety Relief

Try to drink three cups of chamomile tea a day when you’re feeling anxious. Why: Chamomile contains two chemicals that promote relaxation, apigenin and luteolin. A study at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center found that patients with generalized anxiety disorder who took chamomile supplements for eight weeks had a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms […]

This Is What Can Happen When You Start Drinking Honey Water Every Day

When I was younger and would catch a cold every five minutes thanks to the good ol’ Canadian climate and my brazen rebellion against proper winter wear, my mother would whip out a spoon of lemon juice with a dab of honey on it to soothe my throat. It was not just my mother pulling […]

The Science Of Lucid Dreaming – The Key To Unlocking The Brain’s Biggest Mysteries

Sleeping and dreaming are big parts of our lives. How big? We spend about six years of our lives dreaming. Many times, when people dream they are unaware that they are actually in a dream. I once had a dream that I was part of a black and white horror picture world. Everything was stormy […]

Train Yourself To Fall Asleep In 60 Seconds With This Simple Technique

Many people have trouble falling asleep at night. This is a common problem, and I even struggle with it. I find that I cannot get my mind to slow down and relax. Sometimes it can take me up to two hours to get to sleep at night. Sleep deprivation is bad not only for one’s […]

This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Eat 1 Teaspoon Of Turmeric Every Day

This amazing ingredient has served a crucial role in many cultures throughout the East and has been a staple of the Ayurveda medicine. Turmeric has become popular in western culture only recently, despite being introduced into Europe by Arab traders in the 13th century. Most of its popularity is thanks to the many scientific studies […]

Dawn of Human 2.0? Nanobot Implants Could Soon Give Us ‘God-like’ Super-Intelligence

Dawn of Human 2.0? Nanobot implants could soon connect our brains to the internet and give us ‘God-like’ super-intelligence, scientist claims A computer scientist says nanobots could connect our brains to the Cloud This allow people to back up their memories and communicate by thought It could also help to expand human creativity and emotions, […]

NeuroGum: Chewing Gum Developed To Improve Your Brain Fitness

A new chewing gum packed with “focus-boosting energy” aims to help chewers concentrate better.  Chewing gum while working has long been considered by some to help aid concentration and while there’s no solid evidence to prove it (excluding one small sample study) many people still use it as a means to be more focussed and […]

Study Links Playing Tackle Football Before Age 12 To Cognitive Impairment

A new study from the Boston University School of Medicine confirms a relationship between tackle football played by children younger than 12 and impaired brain development later in life. The study was done on 42 former NFL players between the ages of 40 and 69 who were divided into two groups: Those who began playing […]

The Real-Life Matrix: MIT Researchers Reveal Interface That Can Allow A Computer To Plug Into The Brain

It has been the holy grail of science fiction – an interface that allows us to plug our brain into a computer. Now, researchers at MIT have revealed new fibres less than a width of a hair that could make it a reality. They say their system that could deliver optical signals and drugs directly […]