Avoid Another Expensive Vet Bill, Try Essential Oils Instead

We all love our pets and who can resist a puppy with big floppy ears? Those ears, however, can be a breeding ground for ear infections and irritations. That is what I have had to deal with for my shepherd/lab mix dog. Our dog woke us up at 3 am one morning with crying and scratching. […]

Are Essential Oils The New Antibiotics?

Our generation could possibly see a pandemic on the biblical scale.  The majority of people will turn a blind eye to the thought because it is too frightening to think about. What we have a chance to see in our lifetime has the ability to send our health care reeling back to the middle ages, […]

Get Rid Of Pests With Essential Oils & Other Natural Solutions! Here’s How!

Growing up in the country, I have had to deal with my fair share of ant problems. When I was a kid, they once got into our cereal. They ignored the regular Cheerios, but they were all over the honey nut flavor. To this day, I feel queasy when looking at a box of honey […]

Ingesting Essential Oils: Is it Really Safe?

There has been much controversy over whether it is safe to ingest essential oils or not, and there are many strong opinions on both sides of the argument. With proper research and safe practices, I believe that it can be safely done for short periods of time. Essential oils are high concentrations of a given […]

Oregano Oil: A Cure All Medicinal Alternative

The “joy of the mountains” is the perfect name for Oregano essential oil and was named so by the Greeks since it is native to the higher altitudes of the mountains. Ancient Greeks used its properties to treat bacterial infections in wounds while also using it as an additive in food to ward off bacteria. Oregano is still […]