70+ Life Hacks To Make Your Life More Efficient, Organized, & Healthier!

#1: REPLACE ALL your cookings oils with COCONUT OIL. Throw out butter, PAM, canola, corn, vegetable, soybean, sunflower oil, and NEVER use them again. They’re processed with toxins, make you gain weight, and have direct links to cancer. Coconut Oil has endless health benefits, it’s an easy switch, and it tastes better too! Click NEXT […]

7 Steps To Stop Aging Right Now To Live Forever – #5 Is The Key To Immortality!

#1 of 7 – Hydration: Despite popular opinion, drinking water is not how you best hydrate. There’s a reason they give you saline solution in the hospital and not water. You need the minerals from the salt for your organs to function at their optimal level. Fruit provides water in it’s most natural state. Eat […]