The Real Effects That ‘Earthing’ Can Have On Your Body

Grounding, or ‘earthing,’ as some people call it, involves placing your feet directly on the ground without shoes or socks as a barrier. The logic behind this practice relates to the intense negative charge carried by the Earth. This charge is electron-rich, theoretically serving as a good supply of antioxidants and free-radical destroying electrons. Dr. James Oschman, a […]

Hippocrates – “All Disease Begins In The Gut”

The bodily process of digestion and absorption is one of the most important to our health. Hippocrates made this statement over two thousand years ago and it is truer today than ever. What are the signs of unhealthy digestion? Acid reflux Throat and nose issues (clearing throat, runny nose, etc.) Gas/bloating Inflammation anywhere in the […]

This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Eat 1 Teaspoon Of Turmeric Every Day

This amazing ingredient has served a crucial role in many cultures throughout the East and has been a staple of the Ayurveda medicine. Turmeric has become popular in western culture only recently, despite being introduced into Europe by Arab traders in the 13th century. Most of its popularity is thanks to the many scientific studies […]

Oregano Oil: A Cure All Medicinal Alternative

The “joy of the mountains” is the perfect name for Oregano essential oil and was named so by the Greeks since it is native to the higher altitudes of the mountains. Ancient Greeks used its properties to treat bacterial infections in wounds while also using it as an additive in food to ward off bacteria. Oregano is still […]

She Puts Coffee Under Her Eyes. But When She’s Done? Brilliant

Tired of having dark under eye circles? Many people struggle with the unsightly blemishes and try all sorts of different things to get rid of them. Most of the products that promise to eliminate them and cut down on puffiness are ineffective and expensive. Lots of women end up turning to makeup to help conceal […]