The Top 5 Most Toxic Cookware

Did you know the type of cookware you use to cook in can determine your health?  Many of us have been paying attention to our food; is it non-GMO and organic? But we need to pay attention to our cookware as well.  When we prepare our healthy food, it should be in non-toxic cookware. Here […]

You Need To Flush Toxins From Your Body If You See These Warning Signs

Unfortunately, the world we live in is full of toxins. Indoor and outdoor air pollution, first or secondhand smoke, pesticides, and artificial food products all find their ways into our bodies and some may never leave. The only way to remove some of these toxins from the body is to flush them out. Even if […]

Beware: Top 5 Potentially Cancer-Causing Children’s Snacks Made From Petroleum-Based Products

Companies market food directly to children through T.V. and radio commercials, the internet, magazines, toys, clothing, and even through product placement in movies and video games. The total amount of money spent on marketing food to children in order to actively influence their food choices is about $10 billion a year. $10 billion to ensure that […]